My name is Andrew Hanley and I’m a twenty-three year-old film student from Dublin. The basis of the title for ‘Andrew Hates Movies’ is the collective brainchild of a significant amount of film students I’ve encountered and had discussions with over the years. Some remain close friends, some simply breezed into my life and uttered the eponymous slogan before disappearing forever. My critical nature combined with both my often-voiced opinions and the multitude of films that have met my eyes usually warrant some form of disparaging comment from my peers. I find that if you can’t beat ’em, you might as well join ’em (albeit without a salary and an official level of employment). So here I am, freelancing on the internet for whoever will cast an eye on my rantings and ravings. Welcome! As they say in the online vernacular – Haterz gonna hate – though you’ll find here, not without good reason.


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